Sportarredo has always been a leader in terms of specialization, innovation and continuous investment in technology and human resources.
Recognizing the importance of high Quality Management, Sportarredo has developed a unique Quality System.
- From the manufacturing plant, each single unit is taken to an enclosed area and tested for 2 hours in an environment that simulates the "working coditions" of a tanning salon. After this first test, the equipment is taken to a laboratory where the "certificate of emission" is issued and filed for future reference. A unit that does not fulfill the quality standards is sent back to manufacturing and fully reassembled.
- Strict procedures are followed by our engineers and scientists while testing and receiving supplies. An internal laboratory masters the most advanced equipment to test raw materials, subassemblies and guarantee the highest levels of quality to outr manufacturing plant.
- All the electronic subassemblies are tested before being put into the production cycle. This allows our engineers to strictly monitor the performance of our production units and help them improve to achieve the standards and surpass their goals in terms of quality control.


Our most precious resource is People. Sportarredo is fully committed to irs customers' satisfaction and the need to surpass their expectations is the responsibility of all of its employees, a Value shared by all our people.